The Vortex Effect

tve-award1A mind-altering experience, suddenly enhanced abilities, and a deadly threat on his life—not the relaxing vacation Derek Mann thought he signed up for.



Synopsis from The Vortex Effect

ER doctor Derek Mann is in desperate need of a vacation. He needs the time to reflect on the many questions that continue to plague him—questions about life, medicine, and a recurring dream from his past as a musician.

Instead, his leisurely north woods trip to join friends starts out with a suspicious tire blow-out and quickly escalates into a series of events that spin his life out of control.

While wandering in the woods at camp, Derek experiences an altered state, entering a vortex that expands his understanding, but also makes him aware that someone seeks his demise.

After leaving camp, he realizes that the incident seems to have remarkably enhanced his skills.

Eager to see if the vortex can help him find the beautiful stranger haunting his dreams, and to answer the questions that trouble him, Derek knows he must go back.

Will he find the answers he seeks, or will someone else find him first?



The Vortex Effect is intelligent, compelling, and fun. Laced with the keen observations of a first-rate physician, the irreverence of a life-long musician, and the musings of a serious wonk, Vortex takes aim at almost all of contemporary America’s sacred cows, with humor, passion and suspense. Elinor Burkett– New York Times Best Selling Author

Dr. Wayne Liebhard has seen the best and the worst of American medicine, music and politics. And he’d like to see a few things changed! Thank goodness he’s created Derek Mann to share his ideas with us. Equal parts drama, social commentary, and metaphysical exploration, Mann’s story, at heart, is every person’s search for happiness and meaning in a society that wants to paint us all the same shade of gray. This book is bound to stimulate conversations long after readers have put it down. Bravo! Dr. Ann Korbel– Editor

The Vortex Effect is a riveting adventure. It grabs your attention and sucks you into a remarkable twisting, turning suspense tale, while simultaneously forcing you to question the boundaries of your own existence. Wayne Liebhard’s protagonist, Dr. Derek Mann, is the perfect conduit for the trip, and this ride will leave you permanently changed. I especially enjoyed the music theme that runs through the book. One gets the feeling that Dr. Mann would rather be on stage playing his guitar than in the ER. Jim Donna of The Castaways–Co-author of “Liar, Liar”. Member Minnesota Rock & Country Hall of Fame

If you find it hard to believe the doctor you’ve come to enjoy, and think you know, is much more than a white coat learning digital record keeping, then you must read The Vortex Effect. If you’ve worked every day with a doctor who has an extraordinary affection for his undergrad alma mater, and will do great rock ‘n’ roll after just two beers, then get ready for a real ER doc having a mind-altering experience in Wayne Liebhard’s The Vortex Effect. Dave Durenberger, U.S. Senator (R-MN) 1978-95, St. John’s University ‘55

Dr. Wayne Liebhard’s most recent novel, The Vortex Effect, is a fascinating combination of a strange internal experience combined with a unique mystery. Interwoven in all of this is a wealth of information
concerning the industrialization of medicine.
Dr. Liebhard is a respected physician who shows great perception about what ails health care in 2015. Almost every health care organization has in their mission statement something about “the patient being first” when the actions say loudly “the bottom line first.” The episodes of doctor/manager interaction in an emergency room are real and need to be understood by the lay public.
This book should be required reading for anybody concerned with maintaining and increasing the quality of medical care so we do not desert the concept of the doctor working for the patient rather than working for a corporation or a government.
This is a well written novel that rivets one’s attention and is very hard to put down. Thomas A. Stolee, MD. Past President, Minnesota Medical Association



Chapter 5
I moved on down the hall and opened my locker, where I had stored some extra clothes. The smell of rubbing alcohol kicked the hippocampal area of my brain into gear, and a few million neuronal connections made love to each other instantaneously. The result was a vivid recollection of the first time I walked down this same hall and thought about how confusing and disorganized the place looked— probably the same way it looked to anyone who set eyes on it the first time. Amazing what a few years of working in the same place does to create familiarity with chaos.
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Chapter 7
As we walked across the street to the local Legion club, I noticed the sign announcing the Bird Dogs band. “I know these guys,” I said, “and this should be fun.”

I had decided that my vacation restarted the next day, and my involvement with the vortex could wait until then. Wrong again . . .

We walked in and the place was packed. There was a heavy din of conversation, and the air hung heavy with odors of beer and pizza. Just our kind of place.
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Chapter 12
My first thought was that the engine in the old beast of a cherry picker had backfired. When the second bang presented an instantaneous ricochet off of the lower extension arm of the basket, it was obvious that I was dealing with a combustion problem—but not one involving gasoline. As I quickly dropped down inside the enclosed basket, a third shot rang out. This one, however, didn’t come from the edge of the charred woods, as the first two apparently had. It seemed to come from . . . below? The confusion quickly cleared as the engine shut down and I heard a groan from the woods’ edge—and remembered who and what was below me. Schmitty, packing as ever, had fired the third shot.
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How would you react if you had a mind-altering experience that enabled you to shed light on the misunderstandings that divide humanity?
Dr. Wayne Liebhard has written an exhilarating thriller novel set in Minnesota, that, in the words of famed author Elinor Burkett, “takes aim at all of America’s sacred cows, with humor, passion and suspense.”
Protagonist Derek Mann’s “relaxing” vacation turns out to be anything but. Fortunately, his metaphysical experiences end up aiding his quest to attempt to make sense of the questions plaguing him about our failures in socio-political discourse, health care reform and corporate medicine, big government intervention, and the demand for personal responsibility. Discovering that he is a target for murder doesn’t make the process any easier!
At its heart, Vortex remains (per Jim Donna of the Castaways): “A riveting adventure that grabs your attention, and sucks you into a remarkable twisting, turning suspense tale.”


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