About the Author


Dr. Wayne Liebhard, a Minnesota native and family physician for twenty years, now practices in an emergency medicine clinic. He has won numerous national awards as an author and songwriter, gaining special acclaim for his book Elephants in the Exam Room—The Big Picture Solution to Today’s Health Care “Crisis,” and music from the album Here—In Flyover Country. Besides his doctorate, he holds undergraduate degrees in the natural and social sciences from Saint John’s University (MN), and his articles have appeared in numerous publications ranging from Minnesota Physician to Mustang Monthly.

He lives in Minnesota with his wife, Joy, dog, Oscar, and his Ford Mustangs. His classic rock band is still cranking out the tunes and releasing music videos.

To learn more about The Solid Gold Band, to purchase our album “Here – In Flyover Country” (with songs from “The Vortex Effect”), or to view our music videos, please visit: www.thesolidgoldband.net